Michelle McCutchon


Ribbon of ​Hope
19" H  x  16" W  x  8" D

I had almost completed polishing up this sculpture when the phone rang. News from the Netherlands, a relative has Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

After a long conversation I returned to my studio to find that my sculpture had slipped off the workbench and onto the floor. Broken in half, I felt there was no hope for the sculpture.

How dare I give up I thought. I have to try to make this piece survive. So I placed a steel rod between the broken pieces as a symbol of hope.

I then mounted the sculpture on a rock that I felt symbolized 'cancer', a black jagged rock.

The Ribbon of Hope remains strongly held together while standing tall on top of its cancer.

Ten years later the relative remains symptoms free.

Random Thoughts and Core Beliefs
15"  H  x  14" W  x  8" D

This sculpture was gifted to a dear mother and friend who put in countless hours assisting me to raise my children as we are both single moms of two daughters each.

I had the sculpture for sale in a gallery when she couldn't stop talking about it. 

Since there was no limit to her love for my children I decided to gift her 'Random Thoughts and Core Beliefs'. She as a VERY humorus woman, and had the same 'random thoughts' as me, and her 'core beliefs' were on dime with ours so I felt she deserved this piece.
The centre of the sculpture is the core (beliefs), and the 5 odd points are the random thoughts.

Vicky H, I could never thank you enough for putting up with my spawn. Thank you, sincerely, Michelle.

6" H  x  5" W  x  2" D


  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director

5" H  x  12" W  x  8" D
Quartz on Granite

5" H  x  5" W  x  5" D
​Jade (gemstone quality)

Different angles of the same Jade Piece.

6" H  x  6" W  x  4"D
*Many more cancer ribbons upon request, can be commissioned in any color or size
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