1D Seabreeze sculpture photoshoot 064 edited

Sea Breeze is content and confident as she cools off with a breeze of mist from the Sea.

Like her long hair touching the sand, her spirit is grounded. She is relaxed in body, and whole in soul.

A middle aged woman, accepting of who she has become and peaceful in this very moment.

With anticipation of every cool wave, she is enthusiastic for the splashes of her future. showed in: Micheal Arnoldson Art Show, Wellbrook Winery, Porier Library, Port Moody City Hall, ArtSpacific Delta, Olde Mill Boat House, Inlet Wellness Centre, Surrey Art Show 2008, and brought to NWSS symposium and critiqued by renown Vancouver sculptor Michael Binkley. He stated “I am jealous of the execution of her ankles'”
The stone was purchased from Gian Carlos Stone Supplier.

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